Salt Lake Haunted Houses or American Fork Haunted Houses: Which Are Scarier?

Salt Lake Haunted Houses or American Fork Haunted Houses: Which Are Scarier?

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus - American Fork Utah

The 2017 Halloween season is in full swing! Every year, cool cats and scaredy cats alike are looking for the best haunted house to visit. While there are many awards and titles given by different media organizations, we wanted to know what haunted house visitors are saying this season. Here are a few haunted house reviews that can help answer the question: Are Salt Lake City Haunted Houses or American Fork Haunted Houses scarier?

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus 2017 Yelp and Google Reviews – American Fork, Utah

  • Went to both this one and fear factory in SLC, thus by far was scarier.  Alfred S. from Yelp
  • It was nice to go to a haunted house and have the experience last longer than 5 min. I thought is was very creative. Some of the rooms had me screaming at the top of my lungs. Misha from Google
  • Haunted houses aren’t my thing but i thought it was pretty well done.  Got a two for one price so it made it worth it.  Normally i think haunted houses are overpriced (25 bucks a person… nah) but the two for one sure did help.  David from Yelp
  • I think this is one of the most brilliant haunts I’ve ever been to. Thanks for the amazing production. And my favorite scare was the train!!!! Wow. I work in horror so this was up my alley. Mary R from Yelp
  • I screamed a lot on our trip to Strangling Brothers! The clowns and other scary cast did a great job freaking my party out! We also loved the props that were used, which really added to the creepy atmosphere. Jessy from Google

Haunted House 2017 Yelp and Google Reviews – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Love this place. Not extremely scary, but I go for the environment and a few jumps. 🙂 They’ve done a phenomenal job at decorating the place and they typically have a DJ which is neat. I would like to see more change each year as it tends to be the same thing, but again, I enjoy going each year. Shawn E. from Yelp
  • Come every Halloween, haunted houses become the pinnacle of my existence. Halloween for me, is likely your Christmas and thus I take my scares very seriously.Cue the sad music y’all.I don’t know if I’m just older and harder to scare or Fear Factory just isn’t THAT scary but either way the scares are much more sporadic than they once were.

    Still, this is a decent haunt. My recommendation is to come here on a weekday if possible. A few years back when I came on a weekend it was impossibly long. Seriously, the line is scarier than the attraction.

    This year they had a magician in the wait line. A nice change up from the usual gruesome character. It made an already short wait zip by. Did I mention they have a zip line?

    Extra points because length wise, this is one of the better. It feels longer than most. The premise itself is quite scary, the main character here is undoubtedly the converted factory. Be prepared for some stair scaling, claustrophobic slides and jump scares. Lizzie from Yelp

  • Okay, so, I went here yesterday with my friend and we decided not to get the VIP and that was probably the worst decision. We waited in the cold for 3 hours, so if you are to ever go, the extra 10 dollars for it is worth it so much. Then the touch of fear, since I’m a chicken I didn’t get it but I wish I did. It probably would’ve made me more scared than I was. Overall, I did like this haunted house and I would probably go again, but will pay for the vip and touch of fear. Madison from Google
  • I’ve heard a ton of hype about this place but it’s honestly not worth even a portion of what you pay. The wait was almost 2 hours. They don’t separate the groups very well so not too far into the actual haunt you will find yourself with a bunch of other people or even better, waiting in a line to continue on. There aren’t many actors either, just cheesy decor. Honestly, the Haunted Circus and Fear Factory are way better. Save your money or go elsewhere. Marissa from Yelp
  • This is a great haunt with serious attention to details to scare! Sean from Google

These reviews might not be the conclusive data that you might need to decide if Salt Lake Haunted Houses or American Fork Haunted Houses are scarier. But it is good to know what haunted house attendees are looking for:

  • Good pricing/discount offers
  • Length of time waiting in line
  • Length of time to go through the haunted attraction
  • Changing the haunt’s scenery, season to season

The best way to let a haunted house in Utah know if they are hitting or missing the mark for you and your group is to leave a review! Letting haunted house owners and actors know what is most important to you is a great way to give them ideas on how to improve the experience year after year!

We hope that these reviews have helped you get in the mood for a haunted house! With only a couple of weeks left in the 2017 Halloween season, now is the time to visit your favorite Utah haunted attraction: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus of course! Buy your haunted house tickets online and skip the lines. Don’t forget to leave a review about your experience!

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